In Other Waters Is Coming To Switch This Spring –

Dive into the oceans of an alien planet to discover its secrets. In other waters, the change will come later this spring!


The human race has exhausted its resources and must travel to alien worlds to survive. Fellow Traveller and Jump Over the Age invite players to immerse themselves in the unique narrative adventure In Other Waters, where players take on the role of AI wizards as they explore the mysteries of the turquoise depths of an alien ocean. The game is available for PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch.

Other Waters tells the story of Ellery Vas, a xenobiologist who discovers alien life while searching for his missing partner.

When Mina Nomura summons Ellery to the planet Gliese 677Cc, she finds herself in an ocean of mystery with little more than a faulty wetsuit and an alien AI to guide her. You are that AI.

In other waters, the winner of the IndieCade Europe 2019 Jury Prize is science fiction without soldiers or violence. Rather, it is about wonder and exploration, fear and vulnerability, and the relationship between the long dormant AI and its human pilot. The relationship between the AI and the operator unfolds through an impressive story that is uniquely interpreted by the player. The depths of Glis 677Cc hold many secrets. For life to continue, it must change. What will you discover as you follow, taste and explore life in this strange ocean?

Developed by Gareth Damian Martin, he is the only man on the Leap Across the Century team. A professional journalist whose work can be found in Eurogamer, Kotaku, US Gamer, etc.


  • Explore a strange ocean – move freely anywhere and discover new areas off the beaten track. These discoveries lead to upgrades which in turn unlock new areas in previously visited locations, additional side missions and unique conversations with Ellery.
  • See the world through an artificial intelligence lens – navigate a complex and intuitive interface using touch or mouse. Interacting with the world by observing, scanning, sampling, studying and influencing the behavior of living things.
  • Keep an eye on your surroundings – scan the dive sites for sights as you dive and ask Ellery to visit them. Scanning reveals clues, creatures, objects and features to explore.
  • Study samples to unlock secrets – Samples to unlock secrets are samples of material creation and to analyze them to see how they are useful. The models allow interaction with the planet’s ecosystem. Use monsters to solve puzzles, unlock new areas, scare off predators and feed shepherds. Search and install updates to dive deeper into the ocean and find answers.
  • Put faith in Ellery – If you can’t maintain a healthy level of oxygen in your body, you’re damaging your relationship. If you lose power, your dive will be aborted. Your conversations can also promote intimacy, even if your answers are limited to a yes or no.

Switch to PC and Nintendo Switch in 2020.

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