How to obtain one of each Thornbridge Manor keys in Dartmoor in Hitman 3

The Dartmoor level in Hitman 3 is located in the Carlisles Hotel. They have about as many secrets hidden within the walls of their domain as there is wealth. So if you’re involved in a murder investigation, you need access to as many rooms as possible. There is always a way out, but many places you need to go are closed. Why risk getting caught breaking into a room when we can open the door and go in? Here’s how to get a key to Thornbridge Manor for each of the eponymous discovery tasks in Dartmoor for Hitman 3.

The first key to the mansion we get is in the pocket of the butler, Mr. Fernsby. In the foyer behind the stairs, go to the left to find the vacuum cleaner. Turn it on, and it lures Fernsby (and not the nearest guards). Knock him down, hide it in his chest for safety and take the key to his desk.


With the office key in your inventory, go through the staff room or east of the foyer to find the locked door to the Fernsby work area. The door is unlocked and the master key to the mansion is on the shelf to the left of the fireplace.


We can now stop terrorizing Fernsby and focus on Alexa Carlisle’s many adult children. The first is Rebecca. Wait until she goes to the trophy room. If you have a waiter’s outfit, you can run to his water bottle and throw riots at him to make him go to the bathroom where you can knock him out.

If you don’t have poison, knock out the maid in the hallway and hide it in an adjacent closet. Ask Rebecca to go to the fireplace in the trophy room. Knock her down as the bodyguard turns and drops her in the chest to the left of the door. Go back to where she fell and get the key to her room.


The last two keys we need are in the living room and held by Emma and Gregory. Emma will be our first victim. Wait until she gets behind and looks out the window to overpower her. Since Rebecca and the maid have already been eliminated, no one will come to see her body lying there until we anger the guards, so leave it there. If you manage to complete the investigation, you’ll discover that Emma is Zachary’s killer, so you’ll find the poison emissions and the key to the greenhouse where the equipment to turn this poison into deadly poison is located.


Gregory’s key is the last one we need and, unlike the others, we couldn’t find a way to get it without pissing off the guards. Unlike the others, Gregory sits on the bench in front of the station all the time reading the newspaper, unless the family is having their picture taken together. So we hid behind a chair and threw an object at his head to knock him out. The location of the cover hides us from the guards who will be scouting the area.

If you see an opportunity, run to the corridor where you took out the maid earlier and wait for the guards to finish their search and wake Gregory and Emma. The two run off to hide, and eventually the guards stop looking. Go to where Gregory used to sit and you’ll find the key to his room with Emma. This completes the Thornbridge Manor Key Challenge and gives you 2,000 skill points in Dartmoor.

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