25 Zen Garden Area Ideas For Animal Crossing: New Horizons –

Looking for the perfect place to meditate on your island?

Maybe a Zen garden is just what you need.

From the sound of gurgling waterfalls to bamboo swaying in the wind, there is no better place to spend an afternoon.

But there is much to do in this oasis of tranquility, and you may not know where to start. Well, I have for you a list of the most creative and soothing Zen gardens in the ANHCA.

25th peaceful garden

Image source Luminaria (source unknown)

Channel your inner world with this ultimate Zen garden design.

To do this, you can first define your favorite custom sand design. You can create your own design or borrow one online. Just be sure to round off the corners so it fits perfectly in your space.

You can also place your own design in a circle and place a few chairs and stones in the center.

Build a waterfall toward your garden to enhance the zen atmosphere.

You can also install a bamboo fence outside, and don’t forget the many bamboos. Complete the look by adding a small pond with stones.

24. bamboo grove

Image source : @eireenene

What could be better than a walk in your own Zen forest?

You can create it by placing your favorite stone path in the middle of an area.

Don’t forget to place enough bamboo around the path for relaxation as well.

A few flashlights to light the way are also a good idea if you are out late at night.

23. Occupied garden

Image source : @MaeFromAspen

If you want to try a different approach for your Zen garden, here is an interesting design.

This Zen garden has everything you need to relax and unwind.

It’s not as hard as it sounds to do it yourself. All you need is a lot of bamboo items that you can leave lying around.

Add lots of white flowers on each side to accentuate the space where your garden will be located. It can be any other color, but white is perfect year-round.

Place a stone pool in the center of your garden and place all your bamboo items around it.

Complete the room with a pagoda and gong, matching the charming Asian theme.

22. small garden

Image source : @naboo_crossing

If you want to keep your island simple, why not try this little Zen garden?

It’s simple: start by creating a small area on your island and fence it with a Zen hedge.

To get this write-off, you need to check your Nook Stop every day until it goes on sale. You need to create a kind of Zen garden.

You can also put a mixture of cedar and bamboo in the garden to reinforce the theme.

And don’t forget to add a selection of pits and objects in the shape of cherry blossoms. They fit so well!

Finally, add a bonsai tree wherever you like.

21. Hidden Garden

Image source : @GodAbod

Those waterfalls are amazing, aren’t they?

To create this secret sanctuary for yourself, start by building rocks and surround your hidden area with two beautiful waterfalls.

Add a small pool with rocks in the middle and some lights to create a soothing light.

Don’t forget to add a gong and bamboos to link with the theme. Simple and easy, isn’t it?

Zen island room

Image source : @usebomswisely

Let’s try to design a Zen island, on your island! I even prepared a name: Zenception.

Just dig a lake if you don’t already have one, and then make a small island in the middle. It can be big or small.

Don’t forget to take a few steps to get around the island easily.

Then create custom sand structures and finish the area with rocks and stone chairs.

You can also place some lanterns on small floating surfaces around the island.At night, it is dark.

19. black sand garden

Image source @nyacleicacid

I love this zen garden idea. It’s pretty simple, but so creative.

All you need is a custom black sand drawing to create your floor. Search online if you can’t make it yourself, but it’s pretty simple.

You can then decorate the space with stone furniture to pick up the theme.

And don’t forget to put lanterns and flowers around it. This will give your garden an extra, soothing glow.

Of course, you’ll also need bamboo to tie it all together.

18th afternoon tea

Image source : @minnetonkaP1

Calm the stresses of the island with a cup of tea in this amazing Zen garden.

You can create this space by putting the wood floor anywhere outside, but be sure to leave some room for decoration.

Now add a lot of bamboo objects and of course a few bamboo lamps to create an evening glow.

You can also add many bamboos wherever you want.

And don’t forget to finish off the garden with a few floor chairs and tea.

17. herb garden

Image source @purpletorchbug

This grassy Zen garden is the perfect place to meditate during the day.

And it’s very simple!

To achieve this result, first find an area near your waterfall. You want your garden to be close by for relaxation.

Next, create an area surrounded by a Zen bridge. You can put a wooden path in the middle of the garden.

Don’t forget to add lots of bamboo items and lots of bamboo to complete the final look. These stone sculptures are a very nice addition!

16. entrance to the zen forest

Image source : @intreycross

We’ve covered many input models, but this Zen input is really something else.

You can do it yourself with custom designs to make scattered leaves on the floor. Optional, of course, but definitely recommended!

Then add a stone arch and a pair of cherry blossom lights to frame the front door and central entry door.

Use a good mix of cedar, hardwood and bamboo to create a forest atmosphere. Then relax and admire what you have prepared.

15. Zen waterfalls

Image source : @Ohana_Meg_ACNH

Make your Zen garden pop with this spectacular waterfall design.

It’s also not as hard as it sounds. Start by making a few cliffs, then you can add a few waterfalls around the perimeter of the cliff.

Add a few details like zen fences and bamboo seats to make the area really lively. You can also add lots of bamboo and flowers to keep the nature theme alive.

Finally, add lanterns and pillows throughout the space. Trust me, this will quickly become the most popular resting place on the island.

14. sand garden

Image source : @raymermaid

This beautiful Zen sand garden is a must for your island.

To do it yourself, start by laying down some personalized sand patterns. You can create rounded edges or patterns that blend in with the grass. The choice is yours!

But don’t forget to add a custom wall structure in the middle.

You can also add stone tables and chairs to pick up the theme. A kind of Zen picnic.

And don’t forget to put lots of bamboo objects and trees, as well as some Zen fencing around the area.

13. garden on the hill

Image source : @HelloAlexMarie

Discover this amazing zen garden at the top of the hill! Truly more than a thousand words.

One thing you absolutely need: Bamboos. The more the better.

Also add custom stone paths leading to your garden. Then build a waterfall at the end of the hill to resemble an infinity pool, and it will quickly become the most relaxing place on your island.

12. compact garden

Image source : @KSilver

Enter the peace and quiet with this amazing little Zen garden.

It is perfect for those who want to create a Zen garden on their island, but without the required space. It even fits in your garden!

Start by marking your area with a Zen fence. You can then give a custom “raked sand” look to your area.

Provide lots of stones, a few stone chairs and of course bamboo seats. Complete this beautiful garden by adding lots of bamboo all around!

11. meditation entry

Image source : @Hey_Nicoleshere

It’s probably one of the easiest Zen-style appetizers. Plan a stone path from your airport with stone floors, and mark both sides with Zen fences.

Place a stone pool in the center of your garden; it will be the first thing your visitors will see when they set foot on your island.

You can also add a baby panda to be part of the theme. Adorable, isn’t it?

Finish the job by adding lots of bamboo to complete this shiny garden.

10. Picnic area

Image source @leahchu

Create this zen and soothing picnic and you will always have a place to relax.

Just add a stone floor and a Zen fence outside.

Then add a stone table and a few stools to create the perfect spot for tea by the river.

Don’t forget to put snacks on the table. What good is a picnic without snacks?

9. super small garden

Image source : @babbit_janeway

Thought our little Zen garden was small? Check out this idea!

This one is so small that you can make a Zen room in the garden of any villager!

But if you want a global space, you may be able to imitate the above design by putting your Zen garden on the river bank.

Don’t forget to add a few bamboo benches and lots of bamboo to get a finished look.

8. the simple garden

Image source : @lulovee

Try this super simple Zen garden, ideal for beginners who want to create their first Zen space.

To accomplish this, start with a custom soil to create a sandy base for your Zen garden.

Put a Zen fence around the area to cut yourself off from the world. Meditation is better with silence!

You can then add a lot of bamboo and a few spots on the edges.

End the evening with a relaxing cypress bath.

7. stone billiard room

Image source @bailey_mcdowell

Anyone designing an Asian-style island should keep an eye on this design.

To mimic this, start by adding a few custom sand structures to create a small garden.

Then add a rock pond to pick up the theme, and you can even put a pillow nearby to sit and relax to the soothing sound of running water.

Don’t forget to add a golden dot too!

Finally, you can add a gong to create a real Zen atmosphere.

6. garden rocks

Image source : @AkemiLena

Why not collect all the stones in your Zen garden?

This makes the daily harvesting of your stones much easier. A brilliant idea.

It may take some time to collect all the stones in one place, but you can do this by breaking a stone on your island every day. It will then appear in a different place the next day.

Tip: To make the rocks appear in the small area you have chosen, try placing a series of clothing patterns around your island to block the land elsewhere.

When the model is rendered, it appears on the dummy. If you place them over most of your island, the rocks have no choice but to spawn in areas without dummies. It’s a little crazy, but it works!

5. Admission to the Zen Museum

Image source @hatakebee

We’ve covered the entrances to the islands, but what about the museum?

Let’s give the Blazers a chance to relax by first laying down a sandy floor. You can put a fence outside, marking the entrance to the museum.

Make this drawing stand out by framing the entrance with a stone arch.

Then they throw in a ton of bamboo, stone objects, and of course a stone pool for good measure.

Now any visit to a museum can become a truly relaxing experience.

4. Zen Bridge

Image source : @alleahxkchan

Let’s say you need a whole corner for your Zen garden. Can we do that?


Start by building a waterfall in the rock, it doesn’t have to be too big. But let it flow into the river that runs through your island.

You can then add a Zen bridge leading across the river and directly to your Zen garden.

Go down to the rock pool and some stone objects to complete the view.

And finally, some bamboo nearby.

3. Place de la cour zen

Image source : @chichilittle

We’ve shown quite a few Zen rooms, but this one is just amazing.

There is nothing better than going outside in the morning and entering your own Zen garden.

To do it yourself, mark your yard with a zen fence. It can be your backyard, your side yard, your front yard or part of all three!

If you live near running water, you should also add a waterfall to the space behind your house. It is very soothing.

You can then add a stone pool and some bamboo elements to your garden, and you have your own Zen space at your doorstep.

2. large bamboo forest

Image source : @lizaacnh

This beautiful Zen garden was at the top of my list. And with its quaint seating area, this garden screams (or whispers) for peace.

You can also do it yourself with a little elbow grease. Start by adding bamboo and many bamboo objects scattered around the area. Cushions, tables, benches, etc.

You can add bamboo shoot lights to create the evening glow.

Finally, add custom patterns for your floor. You can use existing designs from the Internet or create your own, as long as they fit the Zen aesthetic.

1. rock island zen

Image source : @momomaywee

This has to be my favorite Zen garden. With its strategically placed trees, it’s just fantastic!

It is the perfect place to watch the stars on a warm evening.

Start by delineating your Zen garden outward with a Zen fence, and be sure to dig a small island in the middle of your garden, surrounded by a flowing river.

There is no better way to get in the mood for nature!

Then place some stones with the pagoda on this new river boulder.

Add a little light to illuminate the pagoda, and maybe some extra sand patterns for the Zen garden area, and you have a meditation space.

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