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Game: JoriftersGenre
: Puzzle, Action, PartySystem:
Nintendo Switch (also PC, PS4 and Xbox).
Developer|Publisher: Busy ToastersGamesRecommendation for ages:
EU 3+ | US EveryonePrice
: US £29.99
UK £27.50
EU €29.99 |
Release date: September 18, 2020

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A soft universe

Jorifters is a strange game. Its premise is that not everything goes right in the world of sweetness! As a young hero, you have to jump between different parallel universes, meet many unusual characters along the way, and solve simple platform puzzles. It’s an original but interesting design, but it’s designed to be family-friendly, so this could be a title you could share with the little ones. The only annoyances here are the strange insects and plants.

Let’s collect some beads

Move the blocks to get the gems.

The game works well in TV and portable mode. The main campaign can be played alone or in cooperative mode. The goal is to reach the end of each level by collecting blue bricks in each room to move to another room and repeat the process. To do this, you have a variety of moves to move and manipulate the blocks. Your default main character can hit blocks both vertically and horizontally, or use a special move that fires a gum roll that pulls the blocks toward you.

You can only use the strokes about three times in a row before the battery runs out, and you have to wait for it to recharge. This design seems unnecessary, as it only slows things down instead of adding an element of difficulty. With a combination of these moves and platforming, you can reach the blue jewels, manipulate the environment, and dodge various hazards. If you make mistakes, you can use the handy undo button that returns all the cubes to their original position, but make sure you don’t get in the way. It can also be used to solve puzzles.

The key to success is moving the blocks.

It doesn’t take long to change your character, who has different sets of moves that interfere with the mechanics or block the movement. The formula is quite interesting, but in practice the game comes across as quite slow and boring. The levels seem too long, and you’ll end up doing the same levels over and over again. If you are unlucky enough to lose all your lives, you will have to start the level over. The challenge seems random and sometimes mediocre. The biggest problems were the red blocks that kill you instantly and the various enemies, including those weird plants like the ones that fire shots at you. The game was definitely more enjoyable if you shared it with someone in co-op.

When you finish a level, you can spend your gems and the money you collected at the end of the level on upgrades and new cosmetics for your characters. The game seems to want you to play the main campaign without updates at the beginning, as it seems to tell you that you are cheating if you want to use the extra help.

There is more to life than drawing Lex.

I don’t want to eat sweets.

Graphically, everything is a bit of a mess. The characters are textured 3D models that look a little ugly, and the more the game zooms in on them, the grosser the models look. At first they look like candy, but let’s just say I didn’t really like spending time in that world. The main character also shoots gum to attract blocks, but his appearance is a little rough (maybe to discourage people from eating a lot of candy?). The graphics are not as colorful and vibrant as you would expect from a family game. This improves a bit in some environments, although in the more artistic universe the pastel-colored background is more appropriate.

I feel like the game doesn’t want me to use updates.

Breaking with content

Jorifters is certainly not that small in terms of content. The main campaign has plenty of levels to keep you busy for a while, with six worlds to visit and over thirty levels with extra steps in each. You can even replay levels to get more gems, race for speed or get a higher score. There are also lots of equipment and upgrades to unlock. If you have a few friends, you can also play multiplayer games for up to four people, a mix of competitive and cooperative games. This is great, but you need to take the time to teach each player the mechanics of the game to fully enjoy it.

Lots of makeup to unlock

Candy Box.

Jorifters is like the last chocolate in the box of choices you don’t want to eat, like an orange truffle. Not that it tastes bad, but it’s not the first thing people reach for. He has some nice ideas with a puzzle platform, but the formula gets boring quickly.

If you can sustain the entire experience, there are well-designed levels with plenty of content to offer. But when a game title slowly creeps in, it sometimes feels like some players give up before they get there. It’s better in co-op, but since the Switch offers many options for local collaboration, this game doesn’t stand out as much as other titles these days. That’s definitely something to consider if you want to buy it or if you’re looking for a decent co-op experience.

Final decision: I like him.

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