Where To Find And Redeem All Nameless Tresure

The nameless treasures in Genshin Impact are a series of chests that close a specific puzzle. These chests contain a ton of secrets that players can unlock and usually give great rewards, but the problem is that there is more than one unnamed treasure that travelers must find in the game. If you want to know exactly where all the nameless treasures are located and how to cash in on them in the game, read on.

Where to find the 3 unnamed treasures from the meeting with Genshin

There are a total of three unnamed in-game treasures that you must find in Genshin Impact. These three treasures are located at different places in the game. These item chests can only be opened after solving the corresponding puzzle. View the location of all Untitled Treasures here.

Destruction of Dunhu

To find the first unnamed treasure in Genshin Impact, players must reach the ruins of Dunyu. You should then go to the exact location shown in the screenshot. This place is right above where you see the name of the Dunyu ruins on the map. Here you must light the four torches in the ruins. If you can’t find them, you should look under the rubble and fallen rocks.

When you’re done lighting the torches, you need to activate a geography node with one of your geography skills. It will help you feel comfortable. There are three power stations going around in circles. Just get them back to base and you’ll get your prize.

Lingju pass

Once you reach the Lingju Pass, you will see that the NPC is invaded by the enemies. It’s on the west side of the area, where you have to defeat all enemies and rescue an NPC from his cage. She will then show you the location of the second nameless treasure.

The second treasure is on the Golden Giant Tree. You have your destination marker to lead you there, so don’t worry about finding a big tree. Once there, all you have to do is open the vaults and collect the rewards.

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Poole Qingshu

Take Geo’s character and go to the Qingxu Pool, once you see the sign and stand on it, you will see that you have to open 5 seals. There are 5 laps around the pool and you will find 5 geo nodes.

Use your skills to activate them and return to the Stone Tablet to obtain the ultimate untitled Treasure.

How to redeem unnamed treasures under the influence of Genshin

After collecting all the unnamed treasures of Genshin Impact, you can return them for a great reward. Just go back to Liyue Harbor and find Linlang. He runs an antique shop called Sigu Antiques, and you need to talk to him. Give him everything you found in the three chests and you will receive money, as well as Primogems and Adventure Rank XP.

That’s all you need to know about where to find all the unnamed treasures of Genshin Impact and how to cash in on them. If you are interested, you can check out the How to Solve the Vaughn Suburban Puzzle in the Genshin Impact here on .

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