15 Best Anime Mages & Magic Users –

In Anima there are always a lot of wizards, witches and whatever you want to call them, use that magic.

In their time, Butchers and Magical Knights emphasized the beauty and brilliance (and destructive power) of spells.

But if someone were to ask me today about my favorite magicians in a cartoon, I’d have a lot of contemporary choices – and you might be surprised (or not) at some of the entries here.

15. Tatsuya Shiba

Anime: Irregular in the magic of high school

Of course you could say that Tatsuya has such a generic face: a powerful, serious and beautiful MC.

But he has more to offer than most of his competitors.

Tatsuya’s shortcomings in social situations are less embarrassing and more fun. Moreover, he is not entirely indifferent, and this seemingly apathetic behaviour is in fact related to magic.

He was not born with extraordinary (and varied) magical abilities, and this does not suit some members of his family.

And so, for better or worse, Tatsuya became this unnatural wizard.

He is mortally gifted with remote magic, has the mind to push his limits, and his greatest concern is the welfare of his beloved sister (i.e., Tatsuya is a despicable joke).

14. Julius Novachrono

Anime: black clover

The anime community did a lot of mime about Asta’s constant cries in the very early stages of adaptation.

But seriously: The black clover has improved considerably since the beginning – and Julius Novachrono is one of the most important elements of its appeal.

As his name suggests, this 42-year-old man with the face and body of a 13-year-old teenager has the ability to manipulate time.

Is he good at it?

Well, let me just say I don’t want to be his enemy. Julius can put his enemies in a time loop, and he can reverse the course of the battle thanks to Chrono Anastasis, which allows him to stop time and play over a large area again.

It’s not even fair that someone who has a temporary spell is also very skilled and adept at transformation magic.

13. Tania Degurechaff

Anime: Tanya’s evil saga…

In 2017 the studio announced Nut with the adaptation of the anime Youjo Senki. I didn’t know anything about the show, but the covers of the light novels were great.

But even with all the brutality of the first episode, I wasn’t addicted. Then came the second episode – and I became a Tanya Degurechaff convert.

I like his character.

You don’t have to like them as a person, but you do appreciate their design and complexity.

Here is someone who was originally an insensitive and power-hungry salarim, who then became isekai-ed and turned into, well, an insensitive and power-hungry lollipop with tactically advantageous supernatural magical abilities conferred by being X.

Tanya’s crazy, calculating, and a unique magician in the anime.

12. Meliodas

Anime: The Seven Deadly Sins

Nanatsu no Taizai has not been consistent in the quality of his animation and rhythm, but that does not mean that his MC is less amazing.

Meliodas is still one of the most recognizable and sympathetic MC shounen of 2010 – and not for nothing.

First, this small individual is at least 3,000 years old and is called the sin of wrath. Meliodas is also an adept of demonic spells and physical combat.

He has a good arsenal of magical offensive and defensive skills. And if you were a magic user in the first place, you probably wouldn’t want to run into Meliodas and his Full Counter magic thinking power.

11. Shiro

Anime: Newspaper Horizon

Magic is not always synonymous with large explosions and enchantments that are purely offensive and destructive. Sometimes it makes sense to be a supportive wizard – and that is Shiro’s role in the Story of the Elders.

If you’ve played an MMORPG (or even just RPG and MOBA), you know that players have to choose different roles to help the team overcome difficulties.

Thanks to his Enchanter class, Shiroe can improve his team’s attacks and connect with his opponents without being in the vanguard.

In real life Shiro prefers to spend most of his time in seclusion. But it makes sense not to choose to be alone (or to live all alone) in the imaginary world in which he is stuck.

10. Sadao Mau

Anime: The devil is a timekeeper!

I love the way the anime presents such entertaining and hilarious hypothetical situations.

When Yuujo Senki imagined a crazy soldier loli, Hataraku Mau-sama lets the demon lord Satan work in a fast-food restaurant.

But Sadao Mau is no longer afraid of the evil king he used to be – and that’s the best part.

Yeah, he still wants to go back to Ante Isla. But Sadao also wants to be a top employee who can make a promotion and move up the company ladder.

It’s nice to see him learn about human society and use his demonic magic such as hypnosis, time barriers and telekinesis to deal with relatively mundane situations that his powerful and cruel old self would only have mocked.

9. Meguminous

Anime: KonoSuba

I know I just mentioned the importance of the magic type of support.

But who can blame me for recognizing Megumin’s enormous popularity and appeal?

First of all, she stays in Chunibyo in the KonoSub, although she actually has magical powers. Then she loves the magic of the explosion so much that she puts all her skills into it.

Megumine can destroy anything with a massive spell, but it’s a double-edged sword.

After using the magic of the explosion, it immediately collapses, meaning that it is limited to one spell and is unable to fight alone – which is why the song Bakuretsu la la is so much fun to watch.

She’s ridiculous with her love of explosions.

But isn’t that why we all love Megumin?

8. Storm Rimuru

Anime: Then I was reincarnated in drool.

Like Tanya Degurechaff, Rimuru was originally a Japanese worker who was killed. But instead of being a military monster, he became a sucker.

If I were him, I’d probably spend my days doing nothing in the woods, waiting for a level 1 warrior to hit me with the simple sword he got for free.

But Rimuru works hard if he has to – and he also has a good heart.

Thus he eventually becomes a demonic lord who possesses not only transforming abilities but also magical abilities such as regeneration, creating barriers and invoking.

7. Shiru Emiya

Anime: Lot/Night

Shirou is already a well known name in anime circles. Of course, this is partly due to his infamous phrase that people die when they are killed, which makes sense in context.

But he’s also a great MC, especially in Unlimited Blades.

Instead of fireballs or cold lightning and flash spells, Shirow magic is more about manipulating and understanding objects, especially weapons.

With her improvement and following the magic, Shirou is able to decipher the true nature and structure of objects, allowing her to modify their properties and make copies.

And it is capable of reproducing even the most legendary weapon at lightning speed, over and over again. So much so that even Gilgamesh is surprised.

6. Aladdin

Anime: Wise men: A maze of magic

The melodies of Nanatsu no Taizai and Aladdin are both powerful young wizards who love the benefits of their companions – and I don’t know why they share all these characteristics.

In any case, Aladdin is one of the most terrifying magicians of the anime, given the number of types he learned during his stay in Magnostadt.

He’s also quite impressive in martial arts.

But Aladdin is a more exciting watch because it uses a magic that contains elements of wind, heat, light, lightning and water.

He also has Rukh’s eye for clairvoyance and the magical turban to easily escape different people.

5. Ainz anthracite-coloured dress

Anime: M.

Also known as Momonga, Ainz Ooal Gown is a real Japanese worker.

But in the virtual world it is one of the most powerful and revered entities.

Ainz knows hundreds of spells (especially in death magic) and learns as much as he can to keep his power and authority.

Among other things, he can evoke fear and panic, create resistance magic, control and invoke the undead, shoot bolts and magic arrows and improve his speed and vision.

But don’t think he’s a simple, powerful wizard with a skeletal body.

Einz is very understanding and loyal to his friends and allies. And he’s doing his best to make sure the NPCs know he cares about them, too.

4. Lina Reverse

Anime: Players

I doubt the Slayers are a well known name for fans of Gen Z anime. And it is likely that some Millennials first heard of Lina Inverse because she was the inspiration for one of the first DotA characters.

But no matter where you first hear about her, Lina will always be the cute, orange-haired, food-loving, beloved witch.

Despite her recklessness, Lina is a charming magician:

She understands both shamanism and black magic, and Lina isn’t crazy about white magic either.

She can also create her own spells, including the Slave Gigi Destroyer. Although Lina may not have mastered the pitch perfectly, her most powerful magical ability is still a major threat.

3. Atsuko Kagari

Anime: The Academy of Little Witches

How can someone not love the Little Witch Academy?

If cartoons have always focused on magic and fantasy, nothing resembled the Harry Potter School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and the Harry Potter Magic Academy.

Also known as Akko, MC Atsuko is much better than most anime MCs.

Of course, he’s also full of miracles. This contributes to their recklessness and makes it an abomination for those in power.

But you can’t hate them:

Acre sees witchcraft and magic as tools for positive social change, not as sources of world domination and destruction.

She is a slow learner, but you’d rather have more learners like her than those who have the selfish intention of becoming witches.

Eventually she gets this place because, like Lina Inverse, she looks like a classic user of magic in fiction, with her magic flying broom, wand and typical spells such as levitation, transformation, object retrieval and energy bars.

2. Akemi Homura

Anime: Puella Maji Madoka Magica

I imagine a lot of anime fans would place Homura there as well.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t be surprised if others didn’t mention it at all.

You see, the PMMM is a magical girl show of a special kind.

It doesn’t immediately occur to me when I think of an anime with magical users. I think more of KonoSuba, Magi, Destiny/Night Stay, and other similar series with that sense of fantasy, magic, adventure and childlike curiosity.

But that makes PMMM and Homura even more valuable.

Through characters and plot, the show explores the genre of magical women and offers complex philosophical and moral points of view for discussion.

Homura is also a master of the magic of time, just like Julius Novachrono, but it is what she does with her strength that catapults her to this place.

The episode that reveals his past and true intentions is one of the best of 2010, and it is fair to say that my first choice would not be here if it were not for Homura.

1. Madoka Kanaam

Anime: Puella Maji Madoka Magica

That’s right. My first two choices are the magic girls of the show made by Ourobucher, General Ourobocchi himself.

It was a difficult decision between Homura and Madoka to take first place. But I think Homura herself agrees that her friend is the best wizard in the history of anime.

Madoka introduced the viewers to this friendly and curious (but cautious) teenager, someone who is willing to offer some help, even to someone like Kyubey, who is not human to begin with.

Frankly, Madoka has been consistent in his usefulness. But being firm in what you want to be does not always correspond to reality, which has its dark sides.

So she decides to become a magical girl and eventually learns that choosing to help is not enough.

Sometimes compromises and arbitrations are necessary.

I’m not gonna ruin what Madoka did. But I can assure you that Homura made the right decision.

I hope that anyone who understands the power of magic, with all its possibilities for death and decay, will see Madoka as someone who was just born, but who has chosen to be so much more because of his pure sense of altruism.

And she decided to bring peace and hope with what she got.

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