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Have you ever heard of word cloud punches,

Cloud gaming will be the future of the gaming industry. Cloud gaming offers gamers and game developers more possibilities and is not limited by any hardware limitations.

Year after year, games like CyberPunk 2077, The Witcher, Grand Theft Auto V, The Division 2 and many others are out of reach for the average gamer,

These new games require more RAM, processing power and graphics,

It also limits the creativity of game developers, as they now have to pay more attention to system performance when developing a game to get a game that works well on older systems.

In cloud gaming, games are installed on a server, so there is no need to maintain a high-end PC, as all hardware and technical issues are now handled by cloud gaming service providers.

You can upgrade and downgrade your server hardware at any time by switching to another plan, if offered.

You also don’t have to worry about whether the latest games are supported by your current system, as this component is managed and optimized by cloud game server providers.

A permanent internet connection (minimum 15MBPS) and a laptop/office computer are sufficient to view and operate the games.

Cloud games have some advantages and disadvantages


  • Playing the same game on a mobile, desktop or tablet computer
  • There is no need to install the game on any of your physical devices.
  • No memory problems, install games of any size


  • You must have an internet connection of at least 15 MBPS.
  • High bandwidth is used (up to 10 GB per hour, depending on the quality).
  • You must pay for the Cloud Games service.

The latter is not really a drawback, as you don’t have to use your gaming console with the latest hardware.

Today, many companies offer online game servers on a subscription basis that you can choose as you wish,

Here you will find a list of cloud game server providers.

There are many other companies that offer reliable and affordable cloud game servers.

You can also create your own cloud game server, the same way we created 24/7 streaming servers for YouTube. The only difference will be that this server will be made with special Nvidia graphics cards and more RAM and CPU.

Play CyberPunk 2077 for free on GeForce NOW

For now, you can play CyberPunk 2077 on GeForce NOW for free.

and you can play the games in your library on Steam, as well as all the free games available on Steam.

Here are step-by-step instructions on what to do.

Recording for GeForce NU

Visit and register,

If you live in a country where GeForce NOW is not available, make sure you use a VPN.

GeForce NOW is available in 71 countries. Here is a list of supported countries.

GeForce NOW

You can use the GeForce application on your Android, PC, Mac OS

You can even play games directly from your browser without installing any software.

Adding CyberPunk 2077 to library

Now search for CyberPunk 2077 and add the game to your library on the GeForce NOW website or application,

You will also need to log into your Steam or Epic account at GeForce NOW to continue your play.

Since GeForce NOW is in free beta,

Therefore, many users around the world have registered and used GeForce Now.

So you might have to wait a while to play CyberPunk 2077 for free, usually for 15 minutes,

and in the free plan you can play for 1 hour continuously in a single session, you can restart the session by re-entering the queue.

You can also adjust certain settings in GeForce, such as. B. Coupling to the steam library, flow quality adjustments, and adhesion plan modifications,

Make sure you use a VPN and install it in a nearby region supported by GeForce NOW if your country is not on the list of supported countries.

Play an FPS and the fast paced game will be slowed down if you use a VPN.

Click on the image to see a list of all games currently supported by GeForce Now.


Geforce NOW only free Beta US

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