How to Get All Types of Breathing

Wisteria is one of the most popular Roblox games of 2021. There are different types of elements that the player must learn and use against his enemies. For the uninitiated: The basic types of Wisteria are called breath types.

It should be noted that Roblox Wisteria players can only learn to breathe with a specific coach. An elementary coach can only teach you one way to breathe. There are currently five elementary coaches.

Wisteria: How to get all kinds of breath

The first and most important thing to do to get all types of breath in Wisteria is to find the location of all elementary coaches. It should be noted that all trainers have a different position on the map. If you don’t know where to find them in Roblox Wisteria, don’t worry, we have a guide that covers their location and the type of breathing they will teach you in the game.

Location of primary school instructor and what he or she teaches

If Laura is right, there are a total of seven breath types in Roblox Wisteria, but there are currently only five elemental carriages to be found. After learning each element of the training in Wisteria, you will have the opportunity to learn a specific form of breathing. Click this option to find out what type of item it is.

Water simulator

To find the Water Instructor in Wisteria, follow the person posing behind the roller coaster. When you arrive, you’ll find a lighted safe. From there, you need to turn right and cross the bridge. When you have crossed the bridge, you will see a small building. To get the breathing pattern of the water, you have to enter the building.


To find and learn about the type of fire pit in Roblox Wisteria, you need to go back to the town north of the holiday village. After entering the guide, continue walking until you see a glowing tree on your left. You’ll find the flame simulator there.

Lightning rod

To learn the type of lightning in Wisteria, you’ll have to make a long journey because it’s too far from the town where you found the Flame Trainer. After leaving the spawning village, turn left and continue in the same direction.

To get to Coach Thunder, you’ll have to climb deadly ledges. Once you get to the top, you’ll see a small building that looks like the one where the water simulator was found. When you enter the building, you will find Coach Thunder.

Wind trainer

After learning the type of thunderclap, leave the building and head to the mountains to continue climbing. Make sure it is possible to climb ledges safely. Once you have successfully ascended, you must continue until you have destroyed the hut. There’s a wind train in front of the cabin.

Fog Simulator

In contrast, it is relatively easy to find an aerodynamicist for spray breathing. It is located near the farm, which is in the north of the holiday village. When you get there, you’ll find them hiding behind a tree.

Since there are tons of players struggling to figure out the location of all the Elemental Trainers in Roblox Wisteria, and if that’s you, you can check out the video above.

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