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As cell phones have become part of our daily lives and have both positive and negative effects, they have provided us with transitional information like never before. By 2020, 3.5 billion smart devices will be in use worldwide. If you live in a world where the risk of accidents is unexpected, you can track the location of your current mobile phone, find out how to get your phone lost or stolen, or how to know what your child’s smartphone is doing and where it is, employers can track the movements of their employees and even find criminals.

Now you can not only track your unknown phone number using the latest technology as you often use an unknown number, but you can also easily find the current location of your mobile phone number using some online phone tracking devices. Thus, you can get complete information about the highest locations in this article to keep track of the exact location of the mobile phone number on the map. On these pages you can also get free information about telephone numbers.

This service is available to you free of charge, so you can use it regularly for your personal safety or for business purposes. Instead, it protects you from traps and scams. So, with this Android phone data recovery application, you can recover a deleted or missing phone number if you lost it.

How does tracking the location of a phone number work?

GPS has a wonderful feature that far fewer people are aware of, that even a working phone cannot have a network connection. Computers and cell phones now use GPS for tracking. The following websites and applications use GPS to find phone numbers. Basically, they use GPS. GPS commands are accepted and a phone number is recorded. You can then check any number, whether the system is online or offline.

WhatsApp and SMS are also tracked by GPS. You can share your location with anyone while using it. As far as protection goes, it’s really useful. You can easily track your mobile phone if you want to know where your child is, whether they are healthy or not. These trackers have many other services. With the following options you can benefit from unlimited monitoring for free.

Location tracking Software Criteria of app

Mobile trackers can include many additional features that provide privacy and protection in different ways. However, you should check that you are using a reliable tracking device. Therefore, we list five basic requirements for a reliable tracking application/website before going to the best websites and applications for free tracking of current mobile phone numbers.

  1. This allows the user to quickly and easily find any phone number or device.
  2. The location of a real-time light trace must be visible.
  3. The history of this place is easy to follow.
  4. He should be able to provide phone number information.
  5. Spam calls can be quickly blocked.

We are now sharing 10 of the best mobile phone number tracking websites and software online, free and location free.

free online mobile phone number tracking with location

5 Best Free Mobile Number Tracking Sites

Most websites offer a range of monitoring services. Characteristics such as name, service provider or location of an unknown number can be identified. Just enter the destination number and press the Enter key. The data for this number is displayed. Below are some of the best websites that offer a free cell phone number tracking service.

1. is the most widely used mobile phone monitoring website. It is one of the leading digital surveillance websites in India. The number is tracked based on the location and the name of the provider is given. It doesn’t matter where you look.

Features :

  • It can also be used to monitor landline and mobile phone numbers for free.
  • You can use the Page Rank function to get a list of the main pages.


  • Mobile devices such as Blackberry, Android, Nokia and iPhone are compatible with each other. It is completely free and requires no download costs.
  • Allows you to keep track of telephone, landline and car numbers. The number of vehicle tracking systems and landline phone features adds value.
  • It is easy to use because the interface is attractively designed. It can be easily used even by a less trained user.
  • Within a few seconds the display will show the output signal.


  • Used only for Indian mobile phone numbers.

2. Serial number

The mobile phone number is another mobile serial number in our phone book. It also offers tracking services for smartphone and landline numbers, just like the previous one. You can query the name of the user/owner of this destination number. Enter the number and press the Enter key to enter the information.

Features :

  • have elegant and easy-to-use functions.
  • Enter a search option to gather information about the destination number.
  • It has a database of phone numbers to make searching easier.


  • Verified results include the name, owner and location of the mobile phone number.
  • This site offers a free service.
  • You can track your phone number along with your mobile phone number.
  • It offers an easy to use interface.


  • A replacement, old or new number cannot be identified at this stage.

3. Free phone location

It also ensures that the numbers are checked. It offers its customers absolute protection of their data. Using your phone or website, you can easily monitor your mobile target number.

Features :

  • Use McAfee for defense.
  • Unlimited tracking options for smartphones and landlines.


  • Easy to use for consumers thanks to an easy to understand user interface.
  • It’s free.


  • With simple and manageable methods.

4. GPS cell phone tracking

The location of target’s mobile number is available in this GPS cell phone locator in just 2 or 3 clicks. The audience is free online. You do not have to pay to use and install the applications.

Features :

  • Simple, clean and attractive user interface.
  • The technological base doesn’t have to be.
  • It does not require any application or installation.
  • Click on the button and use the browser.


  • The service is available 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world.
  • Apple, Blackberry, Android or Windows mobile devices are compatible.
  • A GPS tracking device is used.


  • It is not compatible with browsers such as Symbian, Firefox, etc.
  • You must activate the control application.

5. Online GPS Phone Tracker

Here is a list of GPS phone tracking devices available online. It can be used to display your mobile phone number. The address of the destination number is also given. It supports various telecommunication networks and provides free service to its customers.

Features :

  • It uses the GPS function to track and access your mobile location remotely.
  • This tracker supports network providers such as Airtel, AT&T, Reliance, etc.
  • A landline phone number can also be traced by monitoring their website.


  • It offers services 24 hours a day, except weekends, 365 days a year.
  • This program can be used by consumers free of charge.


  • Follows only when the smartphone is active. A stolen or disabled mobile phone cannot be recovered.

5 Best Numbers to Track Mobile Phone Numbers

If you are an Android user, you have more options for mobile monitoring. You don’t need to use a monitoring application because with the mobile application you can access it from anywhere. There are several applications, and here we will talk about the 5 best Android applications.

1. Mobile phone number

This is a free tracking application for Android smartphone with various tracking features. The position on the Google map can be restored.

Features :

  • The location of a moving object can be displayed with a 3D Google map for a highly visible view.
  • All global codes are available in this monitoring program.
  • It has a verification function that displays the name of the unknown caller before answering the call.


  • The internet is not required for the application to work.
  • Even without logging into your call log, you can call or email. -•
  • You can access call logs, service provider names and locations.
  • The three-dimensional view of Google Maps allows smartphone users to find the exact location.


  • Operating only in the United States, India, Canada and Pakistan.
  • The worn out mobile phone number cannot be identified.

2. Tracking mobile phone numbers

The Mobile Number Tracker application allows you to find a mobile phone number in your area. Free service.

Features :

  • Simple and easy to use applications. In a few steps you can follow the numbers.
  • CDMA, GSM and public service are supported.
  • It has a built-in GPS function that simplifies and clarifies the tracking process.


  • The sequence number is independent of the service provider.
  • It only takes two steps to track down a mobile phone.
  • Free service.


  • India should be the target because only Indian numbers are sponsored.
  • Due to the quality, customer dissatisfaction is high.
  • Only if the internet works can the number be traced.

3. Caller ID and number

You must use Caller ID and Number Locator when trying to find a combination of caller name and location tracking. It also provides free support to other programs. You can manage caller ID and caller location with a single application. There is no need to download two separate programs.

Features :

  • He has a database. Contains 12,985 cities.
  • The contacts database makes it easy to find your contacts.
  • It also allows you to block requests.
  • The name of the caller appears on the screen.


  • The Internet is not required to verify the location of the number.
  • A target number can be scanned in over 200 different countries.
  • Caller identification and caller location can be restored.
  • This application allows calls to be terminated quickly.
  • You can check the exact location of the caller on Google Maps.


  • It only works for versions higher than 4.0 Android.

4. Caller ID

The most popular applications are Truecaller. The name of the caller and the location of the mobile phone can be checked worldwide.

Features :

  • You can block an unknown number from being called.
  • A picture of the caller and his or her name will also be displayed.
  • The search process is made simple and reliable by a database of numbers.


  • If someone tries to trace your number, you will be notified.
  • Protect your files. You will not use numbers from your online phone book.
  • You can also use it to make calls.
  • Reliable technology with a high level of satisfaction and over 220 million users.


  • It requires an internet connection to function properly.
  • You must first register to be able to use the services.

5. Phone number tracker on number

This tracking software is specially designed for mobile phones. Trace Mobile Number allows you to track the location of your mobile phone number. This program is supported by several mobile phone operators. And if the number of the target is followed, there is no doubt. It is also compatible with Android version 4.0 or higher.

Features :

  • The search numbers of the objects are precisely located.
  • You can choose the location of your domain offline, without an internet connection.
  • The software is regularly updated to ensure the best results.
  • The contact database is reviewed from time to time.


  • You can see the name of your service provider when you make or receive calls.
  • You do not need any technical or computer knowledge to use this program.


  • No comprehensive service is offered. It can only be used in India or other neighbouring countries.
  • The user is annoyed by the announcements of the application.

How do I find my children

It is specially designed for parents to protect their children. It is also used as a mobile tracking application because of its excellent features. It is available for IOS and Android platforms. The smartwatch has already been published. This will help you track and record the sounds of your loved one.


This is our guide to keeping track of your current online cell phone number on a map, and a list of the best websites and applications for tracking online cell phone numbers. In today’s world, it will be quite easy to find a smartphone locator online. This article lists the top 5 cell phone number tracing applications and the 5 location sites, which of course will only allow you to know the approximate location of the phone number and see who owns it and what country or city it is registered in.

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