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Most of us know Mario as the platformer type. But as games like Mario Strikers or Dr. Mario prove, he’s a jack-of-all-trades.

His skills include dominating turn-based battles, as seen in the SNES Super Mario role-playing game.

Developed by Square, this unusual entry into Mario’s career features eye-catching pseudo-3D graphics, witty text and a turn-based combat system with unique twists and turns.

If you love Super Mario RPG, but have played it too many times, you may want to add a little variety to the game.

Here are some of the funniest Super Mario role-playing games to help you out.

10. Reserve_22//.

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The pirates of the ROM are numerous. There’s something in us that makes us want to turn our favorite games into scary and horrible works of art.

The ElementalPowerStar_22//. It’s a short, sweet campaign after Mario lands in a haunted house following a flight malfunction in Lucky Lucky.

Exploring the mansion gives a strange feeling, thanks in part to the new color palette.

Not only does the hacker scare you, but he also has some good moves – and the puzzles get really hard towards the end.

9. Junkie Mario

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Addictions are difficult for anyone to deal with. And our favorite Italian plumber is no exception.

After his drug problem ruins the world, Mario must use his powers as a drug addict to stay alive and keep the money.

In other words: It will be a Super Mario RPG if Jonah Hill plays Mario in 2015.

8. Super Mario RPG: Revolution

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If you’ve played the base game several times and need something that’s harder to rehash, consider SMRPG Revolution by Waddler-D.

This hack has an improved enemy AI that will dodge your attacks.

There is also a new level 50 limit to give you a chance against some of the future opponents in the game.

They can be pretty heavy. But you should be fine if you’re stockpiling and learning the intricacies of combat.

7. Super Mario RPG Plus

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The latest editions of our favorite cartridge games are among the most popular ROM hacks, and Super Mario RPG Plus is the best option when it comes to Mario’s adventures in role-playing games.

This Nightblader hack adds previously unused dialogue, fixes several bugs and exploits present in the original game, and corrects typos throughout the script.

Some items and weapons also benefit from some aesthetic improvements that will freshen things up.

Subtlety is the name of the game when it comes to hacking ROMs, and this is probably the most perfect version of the Super Mario RPG we’ll see until Nintendo decides to release a remastered edition or something.

6. Legend of the Axen Rangers

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Axe’s Rangers is a colorful team of Smithy Gang members with a distinct Super Sentinel theme. They are also the protagonists of this wonderful ROM hack.

This AnAxemRanger hack is pretty ambitious.

You start in a different area, there are new levels, new enemies, new items and a whole new story!

After the Pink Ranger disappears, Red must follow and find out what happened to him – or who happened to him. His search begins at the castle of a certain King Coop.

The first few minutes of the game may seem a little amateurish. But the longer the game goes on, the better it gets.

You can see the developer improve along with the product, and in the end it’s fantastic.

5. Super Monkey RPG

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Super Monkey RPG is a fantastic text hack that replaces the entire gameplay – even the Frogfucius messages – with something more humorous. It’s also one of the first Super Mario RPGs ever released.

It was born in 2001, as you’ll soon discover thanks to the incredible amount of uncensored jokes about Eminem in the script.

This hack ROM uses all the scenes of the game to try and make you laugh.

I managed to laugh, although if you were a kid, maybe you should have googled some links at the beginning of the new millennium.

4. Super Mario RPG Translated by Google

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Developed by creator FantaKuat in 2019, this unusual hack of the ROM replaces the entire Super Mario RPG storyline with a recreated version of the original Japanese scenario.

However, it’s not exactly like the other moved or delivered hacks you find for other games.

It’s not meant to clarify the plot or to recover lost material, but to make the game as chaotic as possible by using Google Translate for this task.

This turns the scenario of the game into a surprisingly dramatic but ultimately incomprehensible story of ridiculous text.

Thanks to Google’s dynamic translation algorithms, it even includes Spanish, Somali and Portuguese words.

3. Mafia Bob-Omba: Five bowls

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Bowser may be king of the Koopas and master of his own raw power, but even Mario’s most iconic rival has to be careful when it comes to the criminal underworld of the Mushroom Kingdom.

After members of the Bob-omba Mafia steal five special patterns from King Koopa, Mario and Mauve must defeat their servants and recover what they have lost.

Not only do you have to defeat a giant thwomp, two clowns, a witch and a few other servants, but you also have to solve some pretty complex puzzles.

In total, the Giangurgolo and Omega hack introduces 35 new levels, over 50 new events, new dialogues and 12 unique bosses that require creative strategies to be defeated.

2. Super Mario Armageddon RPG

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Hacks are popular adaptations for our favorite games, and Super Mario RPG could use some extra challenges for its fantastic storyline.

DarkKefka’s SMRPG Armageddon rebalances the overall gameplay for a more challenging experience and adds more content to challenge your team.

This includes more bosses from Final Fantasy than Bahamut, and characters from other games like Kingdom Hearts.

Plus, the hack is surprisingly sophisticated, and you wouldn’t know it was a hack if someone gave it to you without warning. Try it!

1. Super Mario RPG: Main application

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Simple and sophisticated, Super Mario RPG : Master Quest is the best option for those looking for a new version of an SNES classic.

Creator Sephalos has managed to revive the GPRSMS without losing its identity.

For example, many sprites and environments have been completely redesigned – but the color tones used remain true to the basic gameplay aesthetic.

The game is also slightly more complex than the original. And it’s supposed to be played after at least

You need to block yourself regularly and stock up on good supplies to survive.

But it’s worth losing if you’re willing to do it.

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