Lindsey Rode and Isaac Vega Form Rose Gauntlet Entertainment

26. January 20, 2021 – Board game designers Lindsey Rode and Isaac Vega of Rose Gauntlet Entertainment announced today in a company announcement on Twitter. In addition to links to their website, newsletter subscription and YouTube, they also shared details about their first title, Keystone : North America, as well as three other projects currently listed.

  • Keystone: North America – News Release Q2 2022
  • Gone To Gaia (digital project) – output 2022
  • Life after the dungeon – Liberation 2023
  • Keystone: Africa – Edition 2023

According to their new company website, Isaac and Lindsay have been friends forever, but probably not for 7 years. As their friendship developed, they began to dream of the immense pleasure they would one day have working together. The stars aligned and this dream became a reality in September 2020. You start the business with the core values in mind. Important ideas like games are for everyone, they strive to build community by putting their heart into everything and prioritizing sustainability in everything they do.

Pink Gauntlet’s vision was born out of two major needs that they both missed in their careers. The first need was to have complete freedom over their art and tell stories that reflected part of their identity. The second need was to build a home for their community that would foster a welcoming, engaging and creative environment where people could connect with others through their love of play. Together with Rose Gauntlet, they hope to create a company that builds incredible worlds, tells tall tales, welcomes diverse communities and gives back to the next generation of gamers and developers, the site continues.

More information about fun with pink dressings


keystone: North America

Board game | Approach Q2 2022

Easy to Learn, a brainwashing strategy developed by Jeffrey Joyce and Isaac Vega. Players play the role of a biologist and try to create a cohesive ecosystem through careful map placement and thoughtful action planning. Keystone: North America wants to share co-developer Jeffrey Joyce’s deep passion for wildlife and conservation biology.

For more information, see the pink ribbon information page.

Gone to Gaia

Digital Game | Approaching 2022

Isaac Vega takes his first step in designing digital games. In Gone to Gaia, players take on the roles of three characters who must venture into The Tide, a strange toxic fog that has engulfed much of the world. To turn the tide and secure their rise, the heroes must venture onto Gaia, protected by powerful costumes. A strange alien deity who appears at random places on the tide.

For more information, see the pink ribbon information page.

Life after the dungeon

Board game | Approach 2023

The fight is over. The journey is over. Still, the adventure continues in a way. Enter the world of After and rediscover what you left behind. Life After Dungeon is a collaborative dungeon-rolling game, spawned from the minds of Isaac Vega and Lindsey Rode, that aims to tell moving, action-packed stories and breathe new life into your desktop collection! This will be Lindsay and Isaac’s first design collaboration….

For more information, see the pink ribbon information page.

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