How to Handle “VBA Not Responding” Errors

VBA is a programming language that is used in conjunction with a host application such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel. The coding standards or syntax are very similar to those of VB 6 or VB Script.

When the VBA does not respond, it is an annoying and time-consuming situation/error that can occur during the execution of the VBA code.

What is the cause of this problem? And how can you solve this problem?

There may be several reasons for this. Some of them are:

Low system resources

The speed of the computer or the free memory can be maximized. This may result in insufficient memory to execute the program (your code).


1. Delete all temporary files.

2. Start cleaning the drive with the button in the C drive properties window.

3. If possible, try adding additional physical memory to the system.

4. Close all unused applications – at least until the program runs successfully.

Infinite Loops

In some loops, the loop controller removal condition is not set. These cycles are called infinite cycles. In other words, the controller is constantly going through such loops in an attempt to pass a condition that cannot actually be passed.


An example is when you wait for a button to light up without doing anything to turn it on. Let’s assume that the Submit Form button is not enabled until all required fields are filled in. And also suppose that a field is left blank.

Then the loop waiting for the Send button to be activated repeats itself until we use Ctrl+Break to debug (or) complete this task with the Task Manager.


Hinges are as dangerous as they are useful. So we need to build our logic wisely. If possible, we can place the meters inside the loop, and we can also set the conditions for leaving the loop by reaching a maximum limit. You can also use error handling techniques to prevent the controller from working in an infinite loop.

Use of status strings

The end user is satisfied with the status bar that shows the current status at runtime. But you may not be aware that it consumes some of the memory and therefore reduces the execution speed, (i.e.) increases the execution time.


You can avoid displaying the status message if it is not necessary. If you want to impress the customer/end user, you can lower the display frequency!

Code for using the status bar:

Application.StatusBar = Your message is coming here….

Using the progress bar

Progress bars can be included as a module in our VBA macro using the user form and progress indicator.  It’s encouraging to see the rate of increase of our execution during the execution. But this feature, as a custom form, control and separate code woven into our macro, can easily use too many resources during code execution.


Use this function only when absolutely necessary. Try to keep the original look without changing the font or colors of the form or progress bar.


Start with clean code, so you don’t have to think when you have an infinite loop or an error that doesn’t respond – so you don’t lose data or changes.

It is also advisable to save your Excel spreadsheet data regularly to avoid significant data loss in case you need to complete a task while Excel or your system is in No Answer mode.

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frequently asked questions

How can I prevent VBA from not responding in Excel?

Excel and VBA are single-threaded, meaning that only one report can be run at a time. This means that the code is not actually corrected, but you should be able to stop the unresponsive code in Excel by pressing the Esc key.

How to enable intelligence in ABV?

You can start typing any word, reference, or variable in the VB editor by pressing Ctrl + Space, then Ctrl + Space to open the Intelligence menu.

VBA? Events

DoEvents is an Excel VBA command that temporarily interrupts the execution of a macro to refresh the screen and execute any pending events in Excel. It can allow the user to interact with an Excel spreadsheet while running the macro in the same workbook!

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