Console Orphix Venom: don’t have your own mech? Here’s how to help.

In case you don’t know, you don’t need your own patronage to participate! The only requirements are the completion of the quests “War Within” (MR5) and “The Heart of Deimos”.

Father leaves you some machines to rent. They are quiet, so they don’t do much damage and they are slow, but they are fine! There is still a lot you can do to help.

The important thing is to get to know the model! After the 123, it’s usually 312213. Sometimes 321123. Learn others, mark the next number. It stays that way unless you get two orfixes at the same time, in which case you probably want to extract it anyway. In that sense, the extraction always happens out of two.

If you don’t know the pattern, you will spend all your time going from place to place and not helping or fighting. In this regard, learn and use the boost (sprint). It can be controlled by the movement of….A stick? Whatever your equivalent of “a” and “e” is. It is not the camera that controls it.

You won’t be a big businessman, so your role is to support. Eliminate resonators, which can usually be fired with a single scrum or helmet shot. Mausolon takes too much time. The ball recovers faster, but it probably needs to be repeated from time to time. Find the hard-to-reach or hard-to-find places, and look for them first. See where your teammates are going and go to another.

The next big support you can give are energy balls for the Mechs. No pep for these guys. The best choice is Hildryn’s 4, which is graduated, followed by a low power duration. There is also Gara’s 3 with

Update the spectroscope or Proteas 3. Make sure the frame is parked outside the resonator field so it doesn’t shut down and stop generating energy spheres. The best place is between where you are now and where you are going now.

Healing of the Mechs is quite limited, but a rare aura mod ….

Combat discipline on your war machine can cure your mecha for any kill. I’ve heard yes and no to rejuvenation. I haven’t tried it myself yet. Deimos’ best pets are Vizier Predacite with the mod Yatric Mycelium, or all Vulpafila with the mod Martyr Symbiosis. The Bone Widow can also heal with 1, which is not possible if 2 is active. Worst case scenario, your mecha dies and you take another one or you spend some time in spoiler mode, where you are more agile and your empty breath can usually take a hit with a resonator.

Which brings me to the tenants. Voydrieg and Bonevidou are here. You don’t always have a choice, and everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Voidrig’s shield has a 360-degree effect, while Bonewidou’s is frontal, but the downside is that Bonewidou can heal. They each have their own superior weapons to do more damage.

Small topic, but for prizes, I recommend Ceti Lacera = Basmu > Arcane Energize > Arcane Grace > Arcane Barrier.

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  • Venom Orfix: Patch 29.6.2

Source Orphix Venom: Hotfix 29.6.2 Mit diesem Hotfix kommt Operation Activation: Orphix Venom Leaderboards und Clan-Trophäen! Here are the links to the offline leaderboards: Human Readable: Bot & Tool Readable: Full Operation and Clan Trophy Details yesterday: Operation: Changes and corrections to Orphix Venom: Reduction

  • Poison Orthix: Fix 29.6.5

Source Orfix Venom: Hotfix 29.6.5 Operation: Changes and corrections to Orfix Venom: Isolated Solaris Prisoners in the Operation tile, as there should be no pellet action in the corresponding tile. Fixed another host migration action related to point counting. Fixed mission crash when Orfix tries to spawn. Fixed rare instances where

  • Update 29.6.0: Gif Orfix!

Source Orphix Venom 29.6.0 Lavos.png OPERATION: ORPHIX VENOM The senses have returned. Armed with clever weapon pulses to neutralize Warframes, they take over enemy ships. Use your Necramech to stay in the ranks of the advancing hordes for as long as possible, and earn plans for Lavos, the newest Warframe, and more! Operation: Poison Orfix

The Orphix Venom Console post. Don’t have your own mecca? Here you can help” for the Warframe game.

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