The Forest Beginner’s Guide, Tips, and Tricks

This guide contains basic tips and tricks to survive in the forest. If you are one of the new players, be sure to check out our Beginner’s Guide below.

Starting work in the forest

Basic tips for beginners

Always keep an eye on your HUD status. The most important things to keep in mind are hunger, stamina and health. A diet can fill your hunger bar and prevent starvation, which can lead to a loss of energy and, ultimately, health.

You can rebuild your stamina by drinking, sitting down and resting. It’s important because cutting down trees, running and killing that stupid ogres requires stamina. When you don’t have stamina, you can’t perform certain actions effectively, like B. you can’t cut down trees and slowly swing weapons.

Drinking any liquid, from clean or dirty water to soda, will quench your thirst, as opposed to the hunger, which should be your priority for survival.

Eat remedies, sleep and take medication to fill your health bar. Health is undoubtedly important, health can be affected if you fall from a height, are injured by cannibals or drink inedible food, such as poisonous mushrooms, cannibal organs and contaminated water.

Wearing armor fills your armor, it affects things like your survival, your vision and your body heat.

If you go to a dense forest, always spam the E button because you can collect things like stones, sticks, marigolds, chicory, echinacea and aloe vera.

Don’t sprint at tasks such as felling trees, fishing and berry picking. You don’t have to panic, you don’t have to refuel, because for some reason you could be ambushed by cannibals, so you have to run.

If you explore far enough or deep enough, you can build a simple shelter as an escape point, but don’t sleep, because these shelters will be destroyed if you sleep the next day.

Selection of a campsite

Choosing a campsite is like choosing a bride in the making, you have to show contempt and confidence in your decision.

When you set up your camp, you must choose a place on the beach, near the boat.


There are many resources in this area, turtles provide meat for food and turtle shells for building a water collector, there is a small pond nearby that provides fish and some berry bushes and flowers such as chicory and marigold.

Stones, sticks and trunks are easily accessible in the nearby dense forest. There are some good things on the boat like snacks, soft drinks, alcohol, coins, air bottles, a dock and ropes.

There’s plenty of room to build cabins.


The smaller the natural barrier, the more defensive walls need to be built to protect against cannibals. Depending on the market, this area is on a patrol route, so you will often be attacked by cannibal tyres.

Setting the memory point

To establish a rescue point, all you have to do is build a shelter. If you want to build a log cabin, first build a simple shelter to serve as a warehouse and then collect building materials such as. B. Newspapers.

I’d rather build a log cabin to store tools, arrows and supplies. But, well, it’s up to you to do what you want.


Plant a small garden so that you can add another source of food such as blueberries, blackberries, aloe vera and echinacea.

I have extra equipment and time, so I do a little makeup in my backyard.

If you have two rabbit skins, you can make a bag. If you are equipped with a bag, you can pick berries and mushrooms as a quick source of food when exploring an area.


If you want to have a good stock of building materials, I advise you to build a small warehouse. For me I build a simple hut and I put a stick holder around it and a wood carrier, a rock carrier and a blasting rack, I also put an aviary on the wall.

Cooking zone

If you play alone, a firecracker, a dryer and a bench will do it, but again: The choice is yours.

Make sure you have enough water dividers so you don’t run out of water. Build a dryer to prevent the meat from spoiling. Build chairs if you have extra material and difficulty.


Always use markers and simple hunting lodges when scouting.

Docks (optional)

This thing is completely optional, but I built it next to the raft so I can escape the cannibals if my place is attacked and I’m looking for safety on the boat.

Preparation for training

You can build a target to practice shooting arrows and spears to make hunting easier.

When you’ve got everything, you’re ready to fight the cannibals, explore the caves and save your son Timmy.

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