Telegram is a nightmare for your privacy if not taken care of

It’s no secret that the Telegram and Signal messaging platforms have attracted so much attention after questions were raised about WhatsApp’s privacy policies. People have already started leaving the Facebook messaging platform to join the two alternatives. In fact, Telegram has officially announced that it has surpassed 500 million active users.

Since your privacy is a precious commodity to you, the signal should be an alternative. It is an open source messaging platform and, more importantly, it has the same encryption model as WhatsApp. In case you don’t know: This is the unified encryption protocol used by WhatsApp and other major industry players. This encryption model is actually an invention of the Signal Foundation, which also owns the Singal application itself. So you should feel safe when using the Signal application.

However, compared to Telegram, Signal is less functional in terms of user interface and user experience. Therefore, Telegram attracted more users when privacy issues and recent data breaches hit WhatsApp. It is true that Telegram is really a feature-rich instant messaging platform. But if you don’t take care of him, he may expose you in ways you never wanted.

Telegram has a special feature called People Nearby (maybe for people walking around online or looking for appointments; I’m not judging). This is a completely separate interface within the application that requires your permission to use the location services on your phone. For in this passage there is a simple message that reads: Quickly add people from the neighborhood who visit this area to learn more about local groups. With the Allow Access button, most people want to continue.

When you log in to the Telegram application, you are directed to other people viewing this screen in the Telegram application. While this area may be visible, you may feel invisible if you do not enable this option. It’s not. They are immediately visible to people looking at this area, because this feature corresponds exactly to the condition of the area.

The Make visible option makes you visible even if you don’t see this screen. However, this feature does not allow your phone number to be shared with anyone, but allows people to communicate with you without permission. You can block them, but the original messages will be displayed without your permission.

And that’s where the problem lies when posts appear from people you don’t know. But wait, it’s not just the inbox. There are many groups where you can view each other’s posts and join if you wish. What’s in these groups? You can’t control it. Take the following experiment as an example.

URGENT!!! If your child has downloaded the telegram, urgently ensure that the site is disabled and cannot be enabled again. There is a People Nearby feature that allows you to see neighboring groups (without joining them) with the worst pornography, etc. 1/2

– Emma Sadleir (@EmmaSadleir) January 12, 2021

I can’t tell you what I saw within two minutes of turning on the power (and I saw it all). Please share. WhatsApp is infinitely better than this. Better the devil you know. Please share. 2/2

– Emma Sadleir (@EmmaSadleir) January 12, 2021

You won’t find this feature very useful if you don’t like public discussion groups. Especially when you know that the people you talk to are really there for you. I recommend that you disable this feature for better private use of this application. You can also remove the permission to host this application in the settings. However, you can’t control your children because they can turn it on at any time.

You know now that I recommend using the signal instead of the telegram. I would also like to tell Telegram to remove this feature once and for all if they want to use WhatsApp’s incoming user base.

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