How to switch from the default ConstraintLayout to RelativeLayout in Android Studio –

Development issue/problem:

I have the latest version of android studio (2.3 beta 3), and it seems that ConstraintLayout is used by default when creating a project. How do I get Android Studio to use the RelativeLayout as the default layout element for new projects?

How can I solve this problem?

Solution 1:

Well, I saw the answer above and it worked for me, too. But I tried and I had the opportunity to move my current project to Relative Layout. Proceed as follows:

On the activity_main.xml tab, change the label to text. At the top you’ll find the following:

Just change everything into xmlns for RelativeLayout. This also changes the lower limit where you are:

at the following address:

Problem solved! Be happy.

Solution 2:

I answer that question for the android studio 2.3.1. One of the easiest ways to set RelativeLayout as the default layout is to switch to text mode and modify the XML file as follows:

Change this rule:

At the following address:

And make sure you change your brand at the end:


Remove this line (if necessary) if it is gray:



This is an optional modification of the project. I came across this reference when I took the Android development course at Udacity.

If the restriction layout is not required in the project, remove the next dependency on the build.gradle file by deleting this line and performing a Gradle synchronization:


Solution 3:

Android Studio 3.0

Step 0 :

Shutting down the android’s studio…

Step one:

Go to C: Program FilesAndroidAndroid Studio pluginsandroidlibtemplatescommon-partitioning

Step two:

Save just.xml.ftl

Step three:

Change simple.xml.ftl to the code below and save:

Solution 4:

for the android 3.1 studio

To change the default settings for Android Studio, simply follow the steps below:

initial website

Go to C: ApplicationsAndroidAndroid Studio pluginsandroidlibtemplatescommon-partitioning

i.e. the file folder where android studio is installed.

Sync and corrections by n17t01

Copy the simple .xml file from another location for backup purposes only.

Sync and corrections by n17t01

Open the simple .xml file and replace its code as shown below.

But if you just want to change the layout of the project, go to activity_main.xml and write the above code there.

Solution No 5:

I think you want to change the default settings of Android Studio. Each time a layout or activity wants to create a relative layout in the standard system we created.
In this case, proceed to the next step

  1. Click on a folder you used to create a layout or activity.
  2. then New>> Change file templates
  3. Then click on the tab Miscellaneous
  4. Select LayoutResourceFile.xml and LayoutResourceFile_vertical.xml.
  5. Replace ${ROOT_TAG} with RelativeLayout
  6. Click on OK

You’re done.

Solution No 6:

ineffective solution:

Creating a new layout

  1. In Android Studio, go to the /res/lay-out folder.
  2. Right-click -> New -> Layout of the source files
  3. Give it a name and add .xml at the end.
  4. Delete the field for the basic element and enter RelativeLayout.

Solution No 7:

  1. Right-click on ConstraintLayout.
  2. Select a conversion.
  3. Select RelativeLayout

See image below for more details

Solution No 8:

The easiest way is to go to your .xml file in text mode and replace the top line:

And then replace him:

When you then return to the design mode, you will see that you now have a relative layout. This also allows the final mark to be changed automatically, which is not a problem.

Solution No 9:

Right-click on ConstrainLayout and select the transformed view, then select RelativeLayout:

Solution No 10:

A very short way to do this is to right-click on the background of the Active_main.xml design and choose Transform View and then RelativesLayout. Your code in the xml text will be automatic. Change.
Good luck.

Good luck!

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