Hitman 3: Where To Find All ICA Agents In Berlin

There are a total of 11 CIA agents you need to find. The best part is that 10 of the 11 are next to each other on a map of Berlin. To get to the level of Berlin, at least five have to be shot, which is easy to do if you already know where to find them. If you have any problems, our guide will help you find them here.

Where to find the contact details of all ICA agents in Berlin on Hitman 3

These CIA agents must be dismantled by Agent 47, but it’s not as easy as you might think. To eliminate all ICA agents in Berlin in Hitman 3, you will have to use and apply different techniques. Some are more delicate than others. Below you will learn how to eliminate all CIA agents.

Agent Price

CIA’s Agent Price patrols the standard starting point in the woods alone, you can take it out easily.

Agent Rhodes (Veteran)

To find Agent Rhodes, you must go to Level 1 of Grow House. He disguises himself as a biker, chases him and takes him out.

Agent Swan

The Swann drug can be easily removed, just go to the relaxation room. He’ll be by the river, and you can push him to make a random kill.

Agent banner (wall)

Banner’s CIA agent is also easy to kill. All you have to do is lie on the floor above the dance floor and look for the technology, just push it over the edge and it will be recorded as an accidental death.

Agent Tremaine (sniper)

Officer Tremaine is in the Sniper’s Nest on the top floor of the building, he will be there with some other bikers. Given his position, you can easily make him suffer a sniper accident and get an accidental death, which also gets you a trophy.

Green medium (Scout)

To find Agent Green, go to the roof of the Chill Out area. All you have to do is stand behind him and push him over the railing and you get a random kill.

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Agent Thames (Professional)

They have to go to the back of the club and look for the club’s team, as the ICA Thames agent has disguised himself, but it’s easy to get him out, as he’s practically alone on site.

Agent Chamberlain (Joker)

It can be quite difficult to take out Agent Chamberlain when he’s running around on the dance floor, but if you wait for the right opportunity, you can catch him going down to the basement, which gives you the perfect time to take him out.

Constable Montgomery (Chief)

Find the main guard on the dance floor and keep chasing him. If it starts to move, follow it and eliminate it if it is isolated.

Agent Lowenthal (English)

The best way to go after Agent Lowenthal is to disguise the food delivery man and use Emetic poison. It’s always aimed at motorcyclists, so it’s hard to rule out anything else. If you poison it, it will end up in the toilet where you can easily flush it.

Agent Davenport (newcomer)

Constable Davenport is in the area between the Chill Out and the red toilet. He’s wearing a tank top and you can easily distract and lure him away. Once he’s off the job, it might be easy to get him back.

That’s all you need to know to find every CIA agent in Berlin in Hitman 3. While you’re here, find out how to shoot all the Yellow Bird graffiti in Hitman 3 on here.

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