Angel or Skye Automatic Love Guide for Cyberpunk 2077

Automatic Love is one of the most important missions of Cyberpunk 2077 and is available once you are finished with Games on Time. In this mission you will try to find out what is going on with Evelyn Parker. Most of the mission will take place in the Cloud Club of Megabuilding H8. At the beginning of Automatic Love, you will be introduced to the decision to choose Angel of Sky in the Clouds. This guide covers all the work, but if you just want the automatic love guide Angel of Skye for Cyberpunk 2077, you can do it.

Meet Judy – Automatic Love

The work begins with a meeting with Judy at Lizzie’s bar.

After a short speech Judy will take you to Clouds in Megabuilding H8, located in Japantown – Westbrook. Go ahead and take the elevator to Nuages.

Once you are in the cloud, log in to an administrator. Jack at her terminal, and she gives you a choice of two dolls, Angel or Skye.

Angel or Sky Automatic Love

The choice between Angel or Skye at this point in the mission may seem like a pretty big decision, but it isn’t really. The two dialogues are essentially the same, the only difference is the room you enter and the fact that Angel is a male doll and Skye a female doll. There are no intimate scenes here, so don’t hope for it. Choose both and the story will unfold in the same way.

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To continue, you have to put down your weapon, do that and continue with booth number, booth number 6 for Angel and booth number 9 for Skye. As soon as you enter into a dialogue with the puppet, you have the opportunity to say your safe word immediately, which is very relevant. The basic dialogues with the dolls are not critical. They’ll both tell you to find a man named Tom.

Penetration of VIP zone

There are several ways to access the VIP area. Basically, you have to wait until the member and bouncer stop arguing in front of the VIP entrance. Then follow the member to the bathroom, grab him and steal his VIP badge. You can use your VIP token to enter the VIP zone. If you just walk through the gates, you will activate enemies and you have to fight your way through the gates.

Go find Tom. He’s sending you back to Woodman. Go to Woodman’s office and question him. If you’d started this fight sooner, you’d be fighting Woodman now. You can also encourage him to fight through dialogue. It’s easy to beat if you have Gorilla Arms cyber software. If you end up fighting Woodman, you have to get information about Evelyn Parker out of her computer. Don’t forget to read the post Broken doll on the computer. After all, all we have to do is get out of the clouds and collect weapons.

All this for Angel’s Auto Guide of Love Sky for Cyberpunk 2077. Unfortunately, the choice of Angel or Skye in Automatic Love does not affect the main work or the plot. Although it is part of this work, Automatic Love is not technically part of Judy’s romantic journey. So you can’t ruin anything by trying to have an affair with her.

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