A Wonderful Time Indeed –

The Switch eShop receives many new products. These games will be released next Wednesday!


Here are this week’s Nintendo downloads:

  • Nintendo eshop on the Nintendo Switch
    • Great 101: Remastered – Return to this classic action-adventure game with improved framerate, better graphics and faster loading times. A team of heroes from around the world must unite to protect Earth from evil alien invaders. This group of 100 amazing people must work together and use their impressive abilities to create different shapes. With a giant fist or a sharp knife, they will use their intelligence and strength to overcome the traps and dangers of the enemy. And don’t forget: The newest member of this team of brave heroes is ….. You! Great 101: Remastering will take place on the 19th. May be available.
    • Hot hammer 40,000: Mechanicus – Take control of the most technologically advanced army in the Empire – the Adeptus Mechanicus – in this critically acclaimed tactical game. Every decision you make determines future missions and ultimately the fate of the troops under your command in over 50 crafting missions, including the awesome Heretek DLC missions. Choose your path carefully. The Empire depends on it! Hammer 40,000: The mechanics will be on the 19th. May be available.
    • Dungeon of the Endless – Dungeon of the Endless is an award-winning role-playing game where you and your team of heroes must protect the generator of your crashed ship as you explore an ever-expanding dungeon, fighting waves of monsters and special events to try and find your way out. The Infinity Dungeon is available for ages 15 and up. May be available.
    • Hatsune Miku: DIVA Mega Mix Project – On Stage! The successful rhythm game series is back with exciting new features. Mix and choose one of two display modes: the traditional arcade mode or the new mixing mode with motion control. With popular classics and new hits, choose from over 100 songs for an endless rhythm of fun. Hatsune Miku: The DIVA Mega Mix project is available from the age of 15. May be available.
  • Nintendo Mobile
    • Gather the team of racers of your dreams, a new update to the Mario Kart Tour* game is coming to smartphones, featuring team racing and number codes for multiplayer matches. In team races, up to four separate teams of two drivers each can compete in a thrilling race to gain as many points as possible to dominate the track. Connect with friends nearby or with friends and other racers online, and drop the red shells to eliminate your competitors! The new room code feature makes multiplayer even more flexible to have fun with friends and family. Create your own room and share your match code with eight players made up of your hand-picked Mario Kart Tour companions. Players can access these new features by downloading the latest update to Mario Kart Tour from the App Store or Google Play.

Sales of the Nintendo Online Shop :

  • Nintendo Online Shop on Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

Also new this week on the Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo Switch :

*Free to play at launch; in-game purchase option available. Requires permanent internet access, a compatible smartphone and a Nintendo account. A charge may be made for the transfer of data.

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