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Let’s face it: as techno, we can’t imagine a single moment without our smartphone. Having a “little device” in your hand that contains all the knowledge in the world is very exciting, after all.

It is believed that our dependence on this technology has made us lazy. But it has also enabled us to use our mental faculties for good. Staying mentally fit is a major concern for the aging population, and smartphones offer many opportunities to do so.

So if you want to give your mind a much-needed stretch, dive into the wonders of your mobile games to train your brain. You’ll be surprised how many games can put your mental skills to the test. They activate your neurons and strengthen them to make you even smarter.

Technological advances have significantly improved games and multiplied their benefits. Many types of research have shown a positive correlation between games and learning.

In a BBC Horizon study, elderly subjects participated in a popular racing game for 15 hours over a five-week period. When their mental abilities were assessed after this period, their attention and memory scores were found to have improved by almost 30%.

If you want to improve your brain function by playing games, we have compiled a list of five games for you. These games will strengthen your brain.

1. Competence

If you have an Android device, Skillz is a game. This brain stimulation game is completely free. It can improve your memory performance by offering you customized thinking exercises. It contains small games to improve memory, brain flexibility, speed and attention.

You can start playing by taking an aptitude test. This test automatically calibrates your current skills, intellect, speed and attention span. Best of all, this game won’t leave you untouched. On the contrary, it is designed to help you gradually get better while having a lot of fun.

Key features :

  • It improves your cognitive skills through scientific methods.
  • It helps you train every day to take on a new challenge.
  • You can follow daily, weekly and monthly training programs.
  • The game is characterized by its flexibility; you can track your performance.
  • This way you can compare your game with other players online.
  • Increase speed and accuracy; improve memory and feel simultaneously.
  • It also helps you train your reflexes.

2. clarity

Luminescence is nothing new for game fans. It is one of the best puzzle games for Android users. You can customize the game to exercise your mind with different interactive puzzle games. It will help you develop your problem solving skills.

Key features :

  • Learn many tips to improve accuracy, speed and strategy skills.
  • Allows you to determine the course of the game to increase your action.
  • There are lessons for you to get rational evidence.
  • Develop your math skills and question the effectiveness of your estimates.
  • Improve your reading skills and vocabulary.
  • Creatively designed educational games are suitable for both children and adults.

3rd top

Apex is a very popular application in the Play Store. It offers more than 45 fun games that will test your mental skills. This puzzle game application will help you sharpen your problem-solving skills and improve your memory. It is designed after extensive research to be suitable for all ages.

This game improves concentration, mental agility and creative coordination. Thanks to the “Coach” function, it offers you the right time to train.

Key features :

  • This allows you to compete with friends in online competitions and view the results.
  • Organize numerous brainstorming sessions for children and adults.
  • You can set up a training schedule and set reminders for certain days so you have time to play.
  • All games are available for a small monthly subscription fee.
  • Allows you to play in online mode, i.e. without an active Internet connection.
  1. Moles in the holes

Moles in Holes is a simple but challenging game that can be played by people of all ages. It is a simple game, and to win, you must complete a difficult task. Be warned. Just because you play doesn’t mean you will win easily. It will test your brain like any other brain game.

This game was created by Unlimited Gamez Mo. It is an online platform that offers a wide range of games in different categories. You can play it online on your cell phone for a small subscription fee.

This is a strategy game. In this game, the player must connect each mole to its food via an underground tunnel. However, you must make sure that the tunnels do not overlap. This game requires intense planning to reach the end.

Key features :

  • An extremely simple game.
  • Easy to play for people of all ages.
  • It sharpens your mental skills.
  • A fun activity with great benefits.
  1. Increase

You won’t find anything better than Elevate if you want to test your brain. This game is designed to improve your speaking skills, math skills, memory, attention span and speed.

There are 40 mini-games to help you improve your cognitive skills. It allows you to have a regular brain activity thanks to three to five small games. The best part is that each game sets a different goal, giving you a sense of accomplishment. You will receive a monthly, weekly or daily report of your activities.

Key features :

  • This game will help you improve your speaking, writing and reading skills by increasing your IQ level.
  • You can analyze the results of your work in detail and receive feedback.
  • More than 40 different games have been developed by experts.
  • This way you can compare your scoreboard with online scoreboards.
  • A training schedule helps you track your progress and stay motivated.

Final considerations

Our personality is expressed in the qualities we possess. The human mind is fundamental in this regard. It is very important to stay in good shape. Therefore, choose one of the above games to develop your mental skills and sharpen your mind.

Let us know what you think of these games by leaving a comment below.

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